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Customer Service Rep(09425) - 364 Chardonnay Ave., Suite #1 & #2

  • Posted
  • Prosser, Washington, United States
  • R & L PIZZA, LLC

Job Details

Position Description
Position: Customer Service Representative
Reports to: Manager
Hours/wk: 15-25
Salary/Wage Range: minimum wage

Summary Description
Responsible for providing general customer support including answering phone, taking customer’s orders, keeping work area and customer area clean and stocked, Greeting in store customers promptly and warmly,running errands, Operating cash drawer, credit card processing, Assist with a variety of other store functions as needed.

• Greet every customer
• Demonstrate a complete understanding of all menu items and ingredients
• Take food orders efficiently and accurately
• Interact with customers to resolve any issues in a friendly, service-oriented manner and relay information to supervisor
• Operate cash register and receive payments from customers in cash or credit card, accurately count and provide change to customer.
• Clean and stock work area and customer area
• Ensure proper food handling procedures are followed including wrapping, labeling, dating, stocking, storing, rotating, and checking temperature of products
• Assist in preparing, cutting and boxing menu items as needed
• Receive inventory, move, lift food and beverage products and supplies body{ font-family:arial; font-size:12px; }

Key Competencies
Excellent organization, prioritization, accuracy and time management skills
• Ability to multitask without losing track of things.
• Ability to stay focused on highest priority activities in a hectic always-changing environment.
• Maintains high degree of accuracy, completeness, and correctness in all activities. Take pride in your work
• Requires the ability to bend, twist and stand for long periods, also lift/push objects weighing over 40 lbs.

Focused to achieving results
• Really care about the customer and the experience you are giving them
• Proactively works to make things happen, can engage assistance from a variety of sources
• Takes direction and course correction in a pro-active manner.
• “Can do” attitude toward unfamiliar tasks.
• Like to be part of a team

Positive attitude, flexible and adaptable
• Ability to communicate positively, compassionately and fairly under stressful situations
• Positive attitude in the face of challenges uncertainty, and change.

Technical knowledge/skills
• Strong verbal skills
• Confidentiality
• Comfortable using POS system

This job posting is for a position in a store owned and operated by an independent franchisee, not Domino’s Pizza LLC, Domino’s Pizza Franchising LLC, or Domino’s Pizza, Inc. (“Domino’s Corporate”). This means, among other things, that the independent franchisee is alone responsible for and will independently make all decisions concerning employment matters for the store, including those relating to hiring, firing, discipline, supervision, compensation and benefits, staffing, and scheduling. Domino’s will not receive a copy of any application you submit for this job posting and will not have any control over whether you receive an interview and/or are ultimately hired. Further, Domino’s does not control and is not responsible for the employment policies and practices of independent franchisees. If you are hired for this job posting, the independent franchisee will be your only employer, and you will not be an employee of Domino’s.