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Assistant Manager(02696) - 527 5Th

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  • Beverly, Ohio, United States

Detalles del Trabajo

Assistant Management Position: The following

general description applies to all Assistant

Management Positions. Please read the

information listed below.

Overview: You were born to be the boss. We

know. You get up in the morning and you make

sure everyone else in the house is doing what

they need to do. Then you go to work and you

make sure that everyone there is doing what

they need to do, even your boss. You just do

that because you have always done it. Well

maybe it's time you moved up. You want to be

the boss? Well now's your chance, Domino's

Pizza is hiring bosses - more specifically

Assistant Managers. It's a tough job, one that

needs a natural like you. Of course, you'll need

some skills- judgment, math and the ability to


Duties & Responsibilities: Assistant managers

are responsible for everything that happens

during the shift. This includes cost control,

inventory control, cash control and customer

relations. You set the tone and the example for

the store and you have to be on your game

100% of the time!

Your job responsibilities would include (but are

not limited to):

• Perform all the duties of the Customer

Services Representatives and Delivery Drivers.

• Manage anywhere from 3 to 30 employees

during your scheduled shift.

• Responsible for all store operations.

• Greeting customers and taking orders with a

smile (yes, you even have to smile when you

answer the phone)!

• Operating the cash register and collecting

payment from customers.

• Making fast, accurate and consistent products

while complying with all portion sizes, recipes

and baking procedures.

• Delivering product by vehicle from the store to

the customer in a safe and courteous manner.

• Maintaining cleanliness of the restaurant from

the first thing the customer sees all the way to

the back of the store.

• Maintain a professional appearance at all

times in compliance within the Domino's Pizza

Grooming Standards.

What are we looking for?

The good news is we can teach you how to

answer the phone and make a perfect pizza.

But here are a few skills you should have to be

a successful Assistant Manager:

• Experience leading a team; during your shift,

you will manage a staff of anywhere from 3 to

30 people. You will need to use your stellar

attitude and motivational skills to get them in

the right place, at the right time and doing the

right thing all while creating a great place to


• A clean driving record and the ability to pass

a Motor Vehicle Record check. Safety is a

priority for us and we want to make sure

anyone we put on the road is safe to be there.

You will also need access to reliable vehicle

that is insured and have a valid driver's license

• A great role model - you're the person

everyone will look to. From being on time for

your shift, to having a great attitude to

customers and co-workers and even how you

dress - you have to have high standards for

yourself and the rest of the team.

• Our stores are open 7 days a week. Yes,

that's right even on the weekends and the

holidays; that's when we are busiest! While you

schedule is pretty flexible, you have to be

willing to work when the team needs you the


• You have to be at least 18 years old.

You'll be working for a company that is fun and

flexible. Not to mention, its work experience

you will rely on for a long time to come. You've

had our pizza delivered to you, now it's time to

help up be the pizza delivery company in the

world. Go on, boss, show us what you've got.

Apply now!

Esta publicación de trabajo es para un puesto en una tienda que pertenece y es operada por un franquiciado independiente, no Domino's Pizza LLC, Domino's Pizza Franchising LLC o Domino's Pizza, Inc. ("Domino's Corporate"). Esto significa, entre otras cosas, que el franquiciado independiente es el único responsable y tomará independientemente todas las decisiones relacionadas con los asuntos laborales de la tienda, incluidas las relacionadas con la contratación, el despido, la disciplina, la supervisión, la compensación y los beneficios, la dotación de personal y la programación. Domino's no recibirá una copia de ninguna solicitud que envíe para este puesto de trabajo y no tendrá ningún control sobre si recibe una entrevista y / o es finalmente contratado. Además, Domino's no controla ni es responsable de las políticas y prácticas de empleo de los franquiciados independientes. Si lo contratan para este puesto de trabajo, el franquiciado independiente será su único empleador y usted no será un empleado de Domino's.