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Store Delivery Expert

Delivery Driver (07155) - 4020 NE 4th st

Renton, Washington, DREAM BIG PIZZA LLC

Un grupo de personas cocinando pizza


Paid sick leave per Washington law

$16.28 per hour up to $18 per hour.

Job Duties

• Operate all equipment.
• Stock ingredients from the delivery area to storage, work area, and walk-in cooler.
• Prepare product.
• Receive and process telephone orders.
Take inventory and complete associated paperwork.
• Clean equipment and fao1ily approximately daily.

Orientation and training are provided on the job.

Communication 510115

Ability to comprehend and give correct written instructions. Ability to comment-
nice verbally with customers and co-workers to process orders both over the
phone and in person.

Essential Functions/Skills

Ability to add, subtract, multiply, and divide accurately and quickly {may use

Eyes and hands/fingers to rapidly and accurately make precise movements with
speed. Ability to enter orders using a computer keyboard or touch screen.

Work Conditions
EXPOSURE TO: Varying and sometimes adverse weather conditions when removing-
ing trash and performing other outside tasks. In-store temperatures range from 36
degrees in more astonishing to 90 degrees and above in some work areas. Sudden changes
in temperature in the work area and While outside. Fumes from food odors. Exposure
to cornmeal dust. Cramped quarters including walk-in cooler. Hot surfaces/tools
from oven up to 500 degrees or higher. Sharp edges and moving mechanical

SENSING: Talking and hearing on the telephone. Near and mid-range vision for
most in-store tasks. Depth perception. Ability to differentiate between hot and cold

TEMPERAMENTS: The ability to direct activities, perform repetitive tasks, work
alone and with others, work under stress, meet strict quality control standards,
deal with people, analyze and compile data, and make judgments and decisions.

Physical Demands

STANDING: Most tasks are performed from a standing position. Walking
surfaces include c" ceramic "le "bricks" with linoleum in some food process areas.
Height of work surfaces i" 'between"36”' and 48”.
WALKING: Walking is generally in short distances for short durations.
SITTING: Paperwork is usually completed at a desk or table in an office.
lifting: Bulk product deliveries are made twice a week or more and are un-
loaded by the team member using a hand truck. Deliveries may include cases of
ingredients and supplies weighing up to 50 pounds with dimensions up to 3' x
1.5'. Patients are usually lifted from the floor and stocked onto shelfes up to 72" high.

CARRYING: Large cans weighing 3 pounds, 7 ounces are corned from the
workstation to storage shelves. Occasionally, pizza sauce weighing 30 pounds
is taken from the storage room to the front of the store. Trays of pizza dough
are corned three at a time over short distances and weigh approximately 12
Pounds. ~

PUSHING: Pushing is performed to move trays that are placed on dollies. A
stack of trays on a dolly is appr" him at" ly 24” - 30" and requires a force of up
to 7.5 pounds to push. Trays may also be pulled.
CLIMBING, Team members must infrequently navigate stairs or climb a ladder
to change prices on signs, wash walls, and perform maintenance. '
STOOPING/BENDING: Forward bending at the waist is necessary at the pizza assembly station. Toe room is present, but workers are unable to flex their knees
while standing at this station: The duration of this position is approximately 30 to 45
seconds at one time, repeated continuously during the day. Forward bending is
also present at the front counter and when stocking ingredients.

CROUCHING/SQUATTING: Performed occasionally to stock shelves and to
clean low areas.

REACHING: Reaching is performed continuously; up, down, and forward. Work-
ers re"ch above 72" occasionally to turn on/off oven controls, change prices
on signs, and lift and lower objects to and from shelves. Workers reaching down
to perform such tasks as scooping cornmeal from a plastic barrel or washing
dishes. Workers go forward when obtaining toppings and ingredients, cleaning
work surfaces, or answering phones.

HAND TASKS: Eye-hand coordination is essential. The use of hands is continuous
during the day. Frequent activities require the use of one or both hands. Shaping
pizza dough requires frequent and forceful use of forearms and wrists. Workers
must monipulo1e a pizza peel when removing the pizza from the oven and 
using the rolling cutter. Regular and force pinching is required in the as-
assembly of cardboard pizza boxes. Team members must be able to grasp cans,
the phone, the pizza cutter, pizza peel, and pizza boxes -

required to utilize pencils/pens, computers, telephones, calculators, TDD equipment, pizza cutter, and pizza peel.

In addition to the above, the following applies to driver or store management team members.

Additional Information

Job Duties
Deliver product by car and then to the customer's door; Deliver flyers and door hangers.


Reqdriver'slid driver's license with a safe driving record meeting company standards. Ac-
cess to the insured vehicle, which can be used- for delivery.

Essential Skills
Navigational skills to read a map and locate addresses within the designated delivery
areas. Must navigate adverse terrain, including multi-story buildings, private
homes, and other delivery sites, while carrying the product.

Physical Demands
CARRYING: During delivery, carry pizzas, sides, and beverages while"performing
“walking' a"d "climbing” duties.

DRIVING: Deliver pizzas within a designated delivery area. A team member may
make several deliveries per shift.

Walking: Delivery personnel must travel between the store and the delivery vehicle
and from the delivery vehicle to customer's location.

CLIMBING: During delivery of the product, navigation of five or more flights of stairs may be required.
Work Conditions
EXPOSURE TO: Varying and sometimes adverse weather conditions when delivering products, driving, and couponing.
SENSING: Far vision and night vision for driving.


Información Adicional

All your information will be kept confidential according to EEO guidelines.

Esta publicación de trabajo es para un puesto en una tienda que pertenece y es operada por un franquiciado independiente, no Domino's Pizza LLC, Domino's Pizza Franchising LLC o Domino's Pizza, Inc. ("Domino's Corporate"). Esto significa, entre otras cosas, que el franquiciado independiente es el único responsable y tomará independientemente todas las decisiones relacionadas con los asuntos laborales de la tienda, incluidas las relacionadas con la contratación, el despido, la disciplina, la supervisión, la compensación y los beneficios, la dotación de personal y la programación. Domino's no recibirá una copia de ninguna solicitud que envíe para este puesto de trabajo y no tendrá ningún control sobre si recibe una entrevista y / o es finalmente contratado. Además, Domino's no controla ni es responsable de las políticas y prácticas de empleo de los franquiciados independientes. Si lo contratan para este puesto de trabajo, el franquiciado independiente será su único empleador y usted no será un empleado de Domino's.

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