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Assistant Manager(07160) - 710 N Anderson

  • Posted
  • Ellensburg, Washington, United States
  • R & L PIZZA, LLC

Job Details

Position Description

Position: Assistant Manager
Reports to: manager
Hours/wk: 30+
Salary/Wage Range: hourly + bonus

Summary Description

Manage all functions of the restaurant to ensure customer service and high quality products are delivered when the General Manager is not on duty. Responsible for the successful execution of fast, accurate products from our menu and world class customer service while maintaining a clean, safe, and organized shift.

• Ensure that every customer receives great customer service
• Supervise food preparation, sales, service and deliveries
• Greet customers, take orders, make orders and route drivers
• Complete daily food preparation-opening procedures
• Complete closing procedures
• Complete daily and weekly paperwork
• Manages staff of 3-25 employees
• Assigns, oversees and evaluates work of other employees
• Provides training to employees as needed
• Responsible for food safety, labor management, equipment, and general store cleaning
• Responsible for food and supply ordering, receiving and proper storage
• Execute systems and procedures with 100% integrity and completeness
• implement team-building moral-building activities across the organization.

Key Competencies
Excellent organization, prioritization, problem solving, and time management skills
• Ability to multitask, able to see the big picture while focusing on the details
• Thinks logically about problems, potential alternatives and tradeoffs, and is able to present solutions quickly and effectively
• Ability to stay focused in a hectic environment
• Exercises good business judgment
• Anticipates problems, creates back-up plans and brings issues to the attention of other team members
• Maintains high degree of accuracy, completeness, and correctness in all activities.

Excellent interpersonal skills
• Able to create rapport and gain consensus
• Able to perform crisis intervention, conflict resolution and hard negotiation skills
• Extremely persuasive and not afraid to ask for resources
• Excellent leadership skills
• Ability to work in a variety of environments with customers, team members, external vendors, and senior management
• Positive communication style
• Takes direction and course correction in a pro-active manner

Dedication to achieving results
• Proactively does whatever it takes to make things happens, can engage assistance from a variety of sources.
• Always thinking about alternatives, risks, dependencies, and next steps.
• Understands customer’s and company’s perspectives, always trying to achieve win-win situations.
• Feels personally responsible for and takes pride in achieving results.
High capacity for knowledge acquisition
• Strong desire to learn anything needed to complete task
• “Can do” attitude toward unfamiliar tasks
• Seeks out education opportunities and learns from others on a daily basis
• Quick at assimilating new information
• Knows where to find appropriate resources for new information, skills, or knowledge
Technical knowledge/skills
• Good mechanical aptitude
• Good numerical record-keeping and data analysis skills.
• Good writing skills
• Creative thinker

This job posting is for a position in a store owned and operated by an independent franchisee, not Domino’s Pizza LLC, Domino’s Pizza Franchising LLC, or Domino’s Pizza, Inc. (“Domino’s Corporate”). This means, among other things, that the independent franchisee is alone responsible for and will independently make all decisions concerning employment matters for the store, including those relating to hiring, firing, discipline, supervision, compensation and benefits, staffing, and scheduling. Domino’s will not receive a copy of any application you submit for this job posting and will not have any control over whether you receive an interview and/or are ultimately hired. Further, Domino’s does not control and is not responsible for the employment policies and practices of independent franchisees. If you are hired for this job posting, the independent franchisee will be your only employer, and you will not be an employee of Domino’s.