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Store 6887 Delivery Driver - 6633 North Mesa Street

  • Posted
  • El Paso, Texas, United States
  • Longhorn Pizza, Inc.

Job Details

Thank you for taking the time to review and apply for our job opportunities here at your local Domino’s Pizza. The new school year approaches and some of our delivery team members are due back to school out of town. If you are interested in becoming part of our team, here ate the details of our job opportunity

Mostly we are seeking to hire Delivery Drivers that are available and can cover shift during the shift times below,

  • 6PM to 1 AM on weekdays
  • and 8PM to 2AM on Weekends.

Our Delivery Drivers have been earning an a combined average of $15.00 per hour or even more in some cases. The compensation consists of:

  • Hourly Delivery Rate, $5.12 per hour (When you are actively delivering)
  • Hourly In-Store Rate, $7.25 per hour (When you are actively not delivering)
  • Tips potentially $6.00 per hour (Average Tip is about $2.00 per order or more, it may be more). When you make 3 deliveries is about $6 an hour of tips.

A few of the requirements that a Delivery Expert must have:

  • You must be at least 18 years of age and have been a TX licensed driver for the past 2 years or 19 years of age or older and have been a TX licensed driver for 1 or more years. If you do not possess a TX driver license, you may qualify with some restrictions.
  • Your driving record must be in good standing for the past 24 months and be kept in good standing after hire
  • Your background report must be free of criminal activity including DUI and DWI
  • The vehicle used for delivery must be insured and lists you as an allowed driver.
  • The vehicle must reflect an acceptable image with no offensive displays
  • Your vehicle must be safe to drive and must pass our periodic safety inspection.
  • A wireless phone no older than 3 years as our Delivery App is most compatible with the most up to date phone models.

Once hired, there are other responsibilities that are essential to your position here with us like for instance cleaning and keeping the store organized.


Additional Information


Forward bending at the waist is necessary at the pizza assembly station.
Toe room is present, but workers are unable to flex their knees while standing at this station.
Duration of this position is approximately 30 - 45 seconds at one time, repeated continuously during the day.
Forward bending is also present at the front counter and when stocking ingredients.


Performed occasionally to stock shelves and to clean low areas.


Reaching is performed continuously; up, down and forward.
Workers reach above 72" occasionally to turn on/off oven controls, change prices on sign, and lift and lower objects to and from shelves.
Workers reaching down to perform such tasks as scooping cornmeal from a plastic barrel, or washing dishes.
Workers reach forward when obtaining topping ingredients, cleaning work surfaces, or answering phones.

Hand Tasks

Eye-hand coordination is essential. Use of hands is continuous during the day.
Frequently activities require use of one or both hands.
Shaping pizza dough requires frequent and forceful use of forearms and wrists.
Workers must manipulate a pizza peel when removing pizza from the oven, and when using the rolling cutter.
Frequent and/or forceful pinching is required in the assembly of cardboard pizza boxes.
Team Members must be able to grasp cans, the phone, the pizza cutter and pizza peel, and pizza boxes.

Machines, Tools, Equipment, Work Aids

Team Members may be required to utilize pencils/pens, computers, telephones, calculators, TDD equipment, pizza cutter and pizza peel.


Deliver product by car and then to door of customer.
Deliver flyers and door hangers.


Valid driver's license with safe driving record meeting company standards.
Access to an insured vehicle which can be used for delivery.


Navigational skills to read a map, locate addresses within designated delivery area.
Must navigate adverse terrain including multi-story buildings, private homes, and other delivery sites while carrying product.



During delivery, carry pizzas and beverages while performing "walking" and "climbing" duties.


Deliver pizzas within a designated delivery area. A Team Member may make several deliveries per shift.


Delivery personnel must travel between the store and delivery vehicle and from the delivery vehicle to the customer's location.


During delivery of product, navigation of five or more flights of stairs may be required.


Exposure To

Varying and sometimes adverse weather conditions when delivering product, driving and couponing.


Far vision and night vision for driving.

This job posting is for a position in a store owned and operated by an independent franchisee, not Domino’s Pizza LLC, Domino’s Pizza Franchising LLC, or Domino’s Pizza, Inc. (“Domino’s Corporate”). This means, among other things, that the independent franchisee is alone responsible for and will independently make all decisions concerning employment matters for the store, including those relating to hiring, firing, discipline, supervision, compensation and benefits, staffing, and scheduling. Domino’s will not receive a copy of any application you submit for this job posting and will not have any control over whether you receive an interview and/or are ultimately hired. Further, Domino’s does not control and is not responsible for the employment policies and practices of independent franchisees. If you are hired for this job posting, the independent franchisee will be your only employer, and you will not be an employee of Domino’s.