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Customer Service Specialist

  • Posted
  • Livonia, Michigan, United States
  • Domino's Pizza LLC

About Us

Domino’s started back in 1960 as a single-store location in Ypsilanti, Michigan. Over the years, we expanded to three stores, and thus came the three dots on our logo. The original plan was to keep adding dots for every store, but at more than 19,000 stores worldwide (and more than 6,300 in the U.S. alone) … you can probably figure out why that original plan didn’t work. And we don’t have any plans of stopping any time soon.

So, how do we get food to all those stores? Well, that’s where you come in. We have more than 23 food supply and dough manufacturing centers in the U.S., and seven more across Canada, that provide fresh dough and other ingredients, to franchise and corporate owned Domino’s stores. In 2019 alone, these centers made more than 720,000 deliveries.

Want to get in on the fun? We’d love to have you.

Job Details

Provide customers with exceptional service, knowledge, and guidance on store projects from conception through to completion.  Manage the full-cycle of store projects including; customer service, order accuracy, delivery dates for quotes, releasing, accounting holds, ship to arrive and ensuring an on-time delivery.

Manage Key Customer Accounts in Designated Territories

  • Develop and manage business relationships with key account representatives including; Franchisees, development partners, general contractors, TUSA, Franchise Development Construction Consultants, Accounting, E&S Inventory Control, Warehouse and Logistics and the E&S Manager, Customer Operations. 
  • Consult with customers on product knowledge and delivery logistics.
  • Lead customer through all aspects of capital goods acquisition process, and process orders for resupply items.
  • Submit store incentives within two weeks of stores opening or relocating or when an International order ships or is picked up by a forwarder.
  • Solicit customer feedback and provide any suggestions to the appropriate parties.
  • Act as liaison between the customer and Domino’s teams to coordinate a successful implementation process.

Provide Technical Information, Support and Recommendations

  • Read blueprints for store layouts and design layouts with product recommendations that meet Domino’s specifications
  • Develop quotes based on customer needs and requirements
  • Work with E&S Inventory Management team to provide technical information to customers
  • Work with Store Development and remain educated and up-to-date on all requirements and standards
  • Review and maintain project dates and updates in the E&S Order Management System.

Manage Resupply Order Requests, Returns, Complaints and Inaccuracies

  • Process resupply orders hourly submitted via web, email and phone per regional territory and designated time slot to process web orders and SCC orders.
  • Manage each return, complaint or order inaccuracy from first notification through resolution within 30 days unless pending freight or vendor claim resolution.
  • Process Return Authorizations (RAs); creation of RA, follow-up, follow-through and closing when complete.

Ensure Successful Orders Through Delivery

  • Quote orders accurately and send to customer for review and approval; release orders on time, confirm ship to arrive date confirmation from vendors and provide customers tracking information on orders
  • Contact E&S Inventory Management team and vendors regarding any warranty or non- warranty equipment concerns.
  • Generate Return Goods Authorizations for returns.
  • Complete freight claim requests with all necessary information immediately upon notification of damage or lost merchandise and confirm freight claim receipt with Logistics team. 
  • Develop order, release and schedules and appointments with customers and other responsible parties.
  • Coordinate deliveries between customers and E&S Inventory Management and Logistics Team for both vendors and stock items.
  • Review lead times and purchase orders frequently to ensure accurate and current information has been communicated to the customer.

Project Management

  • Maintain current status updates on all projects daily.
  • Manage and produce period scorecards, daily huddle decks and period huddle decks as assigned. 
  • Develop and maintain strong project management skills, including Excel and Power Point proficiency.
  • Lead daily team huddles and one on one meetings with customer engagement manager and maintain strong understanding of key performance metrics.
  • Ability to develop and maintain strong working relationships with customers
  • Ability to communicate in a clear, concise manner (verbal and written) 
  • Strong customer service skills utilizing phone and email
  • Excellent organizational and project management skills
  • Demonstrate ability to utilize an order management system
  • Proficient in Microsoft Office applications
Additional Information

What you can expect from Domino’s:

  • Competitive pay
  • Competitive benefits – Medical, Dental, & Vision
  • Company paid short term disability coverage
  • Company paid Life Insurance
  • 401k with company matching after 6 full months of employment
  • Paid Holiday and Vacations
  • Furnished uniforms
  • Professional and supportive management