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Production Team Member

  • Posted
  • Huron Charter Township, Michigan, United States
  • Domino's Pizza LLC

Job Details

Domino’s started back in 1960 as a single-store location in Ypsilanti, Michigan. Over the years, we expanded to three stores, and thus came the three dots on our logo. The original plan was to keep adding dots for every store, and at over 17,000 stores worldwide (6,300 in the U.S.) you can probably figure out why that original plan didn’t work.

You might be thinking, “Wow, how does Domino’s get food to 17,000 stores?” Well, that’s where you come in. We have 22 food supply and dough manufacturing centers in the U.S., and seven more across Canada, Hawaii and Alaska. They provide fresh dough, equipment and supplies to franchise and company-owned Domino’s stores in the U.S. and Canada. In 2019 alone, these centers made 720,000 deliveries.

Want to get in on the fun? We’d love to have you.

  • High school diploma or GED
  • Previous experience in a food production or manufacturing environment preferred
  • Ability to read/interpret production process materials, dough thermometer, gauges and record data in computer
  • Must be available to work during a shift which may be scheduled anytime during a 24-hour day, over any 7-day period, holidays and weekends
  • Basic mathematical skills preferred
  • Basic mechanical skills preferred
  • Must successfully pass a background checks every third year on your anniversary date


  • Ability to stand, climb and walk on a continual basis throughout shift 
  • Ability to lift from floor to above the head, to carry materials weighing up to 50 lbs. frequently, and 75 lbs. occasionally, throughout work shift
  • Ability to work in refrigerated conditions <33-38 degrees>, and work in environment with exposure to loud machinery, when necessary
  • Able to work with yeast and flour products
Additional Information



Domino's Pizza Supply Chain Centre is looking for permanent, full time Production Team Members to join their team! The Production team member assists the production team in the complete processing and manufacturing of pizza dough. Team Members are required to rotate to various positions (dough maker, dough placer, tray washer, and cross/down stacker) throughout the shift.

The Production Team Member also cleans and sanitizes production equipment and area, and may be cross trained to work in the warehouse or sanitation areas during slow periods. Experience in production, assembly line or manufacturing roles is an asset.

The 2nd shift runs from 11:00am-7:00pm (or until the work is finished) and is scheduled or 4(four) shifts Sunday-Friday. There is no production on Saturdays.


  • Performs batch setup and mixing of dough production process
  • Remove dough balls from rounder conveyor belt, and place into dough tray
  • Stacks filled dough trays and prepares for shipment
  • Pre-soak and scrape
  • Load tray washer by placing soiled trays into tray wash machine
  • Disassemble, clean and sanitize production equipment
  • Reassemble production equipment
  • Performs general cleaning tasks in production area


  • Ability to stand, climb and walk on a continual basis throughout the shift
  • Ability to lift from floor to above the head, and to carry a variety of different materials ranging between 5lbs. to 50lbs. on a frequent basis, and up to 75lbs. on an occasional basis throughout the work shift
  • At times, prolonged and frequent walking over short distances (<500ft.)
  • Ability to balance on ladders and on top of platforms and equipment
  • Ability to work in production environment with constant exposure to loud machinery and vibration exposure with the use of power tools
  • Ability to work in a fast paced, repetitive environment
  • Ability to work in cold temperatures