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Store Delivery Expert

Delivery Driver 7027 3710 C Factoria Blvd SE C, Bellevue, WA

Bellevue, Washington, WOLFPACK PIZZA, INC.

Un grupo de personas cocinando pizza

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Pizza Delivery Driver


**Join Our Team as a Delivery Driver at Factoria Domino's!

Position: Delivery Driver $20

        (Full-Time / Part-Time)

Location: Factoria Domino's

Why Work with Us

  • Great Pay: Earn $20 per hour base pay, plus tips averaging $25 to $30 per hour!
  • Positive Environment: We value hard work, positive energy, and a supportive team atmosphere.

            What We’re Looking For:

 Top Drivers:

  • Are you the best driver where you are? You should be here!
  •  We appreciate and respect dedication and a positive mindset.

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Insuraunce, reliable car, Licence 2 years, good driving record

Información Adicional

Job Duties

  • Operate equipment.
  • Stock and prepare ingredients.
  • Process phone orders.
  • Take inventory and complete paperwork.
  • Clean equipment and facility daily.


  • On-the-job orientation and training provided.

Communication Skills

  • Understand and give written instructions.
  • Communicate verbally with customers and co-workers.

Essential Skills

  • Basic math skills.
  • Make correct monetary change.
  • Verbal, writing, and telephone skills for order processing.
  • Motor coordination for precise movements.
  • Use computer keyboard or touch screen for orders.

Work Conditions

  • Exposure to varying weather and temperatures (36°F to over 90°F).
  • Exposure to food odors, cornmeal dust, hot surfaces, and sharp/moving parts.
  • Tasks include talking, hearing, and vision for tasks; distinguish hot/cold surfaces.
  • Ability to work independently and with others, handle stress, meet quality standards, and make decisions.

Physical Demands

  • Standing: Most tasks performed standing.
  • Walking: Short distances.
  • Sitting: Paperwork at a desk.
  • Lifting: Up to 50 pounds, from floor to shelves up to 72" high.
  • Carrying: Items up to 30 pounds, short distances.
  • Pushing/Pulling: Trays on dollies, up to 7.5 pounds of force.
  • Climbing: Occasional use of stairs/ladders.
  • Stooping/Bending: Frequent forward bending.
  • Crouching/Squatting: Occasionally.
  • Reaching: Continuous up, down, and forward.
  • Hand Tasks: Continuous use for shaping dough, using pizza peel/cutter, assembling boxes, and handling items.

Tools and Equipment

  • Use of pens, computers, phones, calculators, TDD equipment, pizza cutter, and pizza peel.


Esta publicación de trabajo es para un puesto en una tienda que pertenece y es operada por un franquiciado independiente, no Domino's Pizza LLC, Domino's Pizza Franchising LLC o Domino's Pizza, Inc. ("Domino's Corporate"). Esto significa, entre otras cosas, que el franquiciado independiente es el único responsable y tomará independientemente todas las decisiones relacionadas con los asuntos laborales de la tienda, incluidas las relacionadas con la contratación, el despido, la disciplina, la supervisión, la compensación y los beneficios, la dotación de personal y la programación. Domino's no recibirá una copia de ninguna solicitud que envíe para este puesto de trabajo y no tendrá ningún control sobre si recibe una entrevista y / o es finalmente contratado. Además, Domino's no controla ni es responsable de las políticas y prácticas de empleo de los franquiciados independientes. Si lo contratan para este puesto de trabajo, el franquiciado independiente será su único empleador y usted no será un empleado de Domino's.

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