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Store Customer Service Rep

Customer Service Rep (05153) - 1506 Chiquita Blvd

Cape Coral, Florida, Mione Pizza, LLC

Un grupo de personas cocinando pizza


This is the perfect part time job if you are a very outgoing person that relates well with people.
You are the person that will be the voice of Domino's Pizza so you need to be polite and helpful, no matter how busy you are.
You will be answering the phones and taking orders, so if you don't like talking on the phone this job may not be for you!
You will also be greeting customers that come in the store with Welcome to Domino's!.
Friendly is the key word for this job!
Hours are usually around 5PM to after dinner time.
If you are really good at this, more hours are available during the day on the weekends.

You will also be helping to keep the store clean and tidy inside and out by sweeping, washing dishes, folding boxes, cleaning windows.
If you are looking for glamorous job this is not it, but we are a lot of fun!
The time goes by quickly and you will learn many skills to take with you.
Our customers depend on us to get their delicious meal to them when they want it.

We are a very fast paced company.
Every employee makes up an important part of our process and when one person is late or doesn't come to work, everyone suffers, co employees and customers alike. You need to be on time and have respect for our customers and the people you work with

Esta publicación de trabajo es para un puesto en una tienda que pertenece y es operada por un franquiciado independiente, no Domino's Pizza LLC, Domino's Pizza Franchising LLC o Domino's Pizza, Inc. ("Domino's Corporate"). Esto significa, entre otras cosas, que el franquiciado independiente es el único responsable y tomará independientemente todas las decisiones relacionadas con los asuntos laborales de la tienda, incluidas las relacionadas con la contratación, el despido, la disciplina, la supervisión, la compensación y los beneficios, la dotación de personal y la programación. Domino's no recibirá una copia de ninguna solicitud que envíe para este puesto de trabajo y no tendrá ningún control sobre si recibe una entrevista y / o es finalmente contratado. Además, Domino's no controla ni es responsable de las políticas y prácticas de empleo de los franquiciados independientes. Si lo contratan para este puesto de trabajo, el franquiciado independiente será su único empleador y usted no será un empleado de Domino's.

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