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Sanitation Team Member

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  • Hayward, California, United States
  • Domino's Pizza LLC

Detalles del Trabajo

Domino’s started back in 1960 as a single-store location in Ypsilanti, Michigan. Over the years, we expanded to three stores, and thus came the three dots on our logo. The original plan was to keep adding dots for every store, and at over 18,000 stores worldwide (6,300 in the U.S.) you can probably figure out why that original plan didn’t work.

You might be thinking, “Wow, how does Domino’s get food to 6,300 stores?” Well, that’s where you come in. We have 22 food supply and dough manufacturing centers in the U.S., and seven more across Canada, Hawaii and Alaska. They provide fresh dough, equipment and supplies to franchise and company-owned Domino’s stores in the U.S. and Canada. In 2020 alone, these centers made 720,000 deliveries.

Want to get in on the fun? We’d love to have you.


Service will be done in follow areas:

First floor:

- Main entrance and reception office

- Warehouse restroom and chemical room

- Stairs / Hallway

- Closet

Second floor:

- Offices and office cubicles.

- Driver room

- Two restrooms

- Kitchen/Cafeteria room.


  • Horizontal surfaces, file cabinets, copy machines, bookshelves, tables and other furniture will be dusted each service.
  • Low dusting of chair rails and legs, desk and table legs, baseboards, ledge, vents, weekly.
  • Vertical dusting of the sides of desks, cabinets, files, bookshelves, etc. will be done each service.
  • Vinyl furniture will be dusted, or damp wiped each service.
  • Desktops will be dusted each service and polished. Papers, documents and personal belonging left on desks will not be disturbed.
  • Reception desk and tabletops will be dusted or polished each service.
  • Blinds will be dusted each service.

Vacuuming / Mopping:

  • Carpets will be vacuumed each service with a commercial power vacuum in all open areas and traffic ways. All carpeting will be thoroughly vacuumed daily including kneehole of desks, behind doors, under and behind movable furniture and equipment. Become and maintain dough certification
  • Other floors will be swept, and damp mopped each service, including stairs, restrooms, and main office.
  • Chairs placed back down


  • Glass and mirrors will be cleaned and polished each service.
  • Glass in entrance doors and receptionist’s partitions will also be cleaned each service on both sides to remove smudges and fingerprints


  • Marks and smudges will be removed from walls if such removal does not spoil the general appearance of the walls, stairs and rubber base.
  • Finger marks and smudges will be removed from desks, partitions, doors, light switches and woodwork each service.

Furniture, Cabinets, Fixtures and Metal Work:

  • Tables and counter tops will be damp wiped each service.
  • Chairs will be spot cleaned as needed.
  • Cabinet exteriors will be spot cleaned and polished each service
  • Toilet bowls, toilet seats, urinals and sinks will be cleaned each service
  • Bright metal will be cleaned and polished each service.
  • Vending Machines will be damp wiped each service

Trash Containers:

Trash containers will be emptied each service and trash shall be taken to a designated area on the premises (Green Bins). The exterior of containers will be spot cleaned each service and the “Trash” signage visible. Plastic liners provided will be installed.


  • Mats and runners will be cleaned each service and thoroughly vacuumed.
  • Plastic chair mats will be spot cleaned as needed.
  • Microwave and Toaster Oven will be damp wiped and cleaned inside and out as needed.
  • Carpet cleaning (shampoo) will be done upon request.
  • Full cleaning service will be performed on the restrooms up to and including: toilets, sinks, trash, mirrors and refilling of restroom supplies, etc.
  • Exterior/Warehouse Cleaning




    • Ability to stand, climb and walk on a continual basis throughout shift
    • Ability to lift from floor to above the head, to carry materials weighing up to 50 lbs. frequently, and 75 lbs. occasionally, throughout work shift
    • Ability to work with Cleaning products
    Información Adicional


    · Security procedures will always be followed.

    · -Lock all office doors, and doors leading into the office and break room.

    · Toilet paper, hand towels, deodorants, hand soap, plastic bags and liners, etc. will be supplied

    · Cleaning service may need to be performed on traditional holidays, if unable to service at that time notice is required

    *Services required 5 days a week